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nology) ; Lenox Medical and Surgical Society (private) ; Bos- ton Society for Medical Improvement; Gynaacological So- ciety of Boston ; Burlington, Vt., Medical and Surgical Club ; Norwalk, Conn., Medical Society (private) ; Baltimore Medi- cal Association. Tuesday, antibiotics bactrim March 12th: New York Medical Union (private); Medical Societies of the Counties of Chemung (quarterly — Elmira), Rensselaer, and Ulster, N. Y. (quarterly); Newark, N. J., and Trenton (private), N. J., Medical Associations; Baltimore Gynaacological and Obstetrical Society. Wednesday, March 13th: New York Surgical Society; New York Pathological Society ; American Microscopical Society of the City of New York ; Medico-legal Society ; Medical Societies of the Counties of Albany and Montgomery (quar- terly), bactrim price N. Y. ; Worcester, Mass., District Medical Society (Worcester); Pittstield, Mass., Medical Association (private); Philadelphia County Medical Society. Thursday, March IJfth : Society of Medical Jurisprudence and State Medicine; Brooklyn Patiiological Society; Medical Society of the County of Cayuga, N. Y. sulfa bactrim ; South bactrim 800 mg Boston, Mass., Medical Club (private) ; Pathological Society of Phila- delphia. Friday, March 15th : Chicago GynsBcological Society ; Balti- more Clinical Society. Saturday, March 16th bactrim cost : Clinical Society of the New York Post- graduate Medical School and Hospital. Iroce^bings of Societies. NEW YORK ACADEMY bactrim bactrim OF MEDICINE. section in theory and practice of medicine. Meeting of January 15^ 1889. Dr. R. 0. M. Page in the Chair. The Influence of Carlsbad Water on the Secretion of Tlric Acid.— Dr. S. LeClercq, of Carlsbad, Germany, read a paper antibiotic bactrim with this title. He remarked that while for many years the value ot these waters had been recognized in the treat- ment of gout, no definite statement had been put forward as to what cases they were likely to be of benefit in and in what not. He had made careful experiments on himself to determine whether, as bactrim prices had been supposed, the secretion of uric acid waa lessened by drinking freely of the water. With a uniform diet and taking increasing doses of the water, he had found the amount of uric acid unaltered, as compared with the amount noted in the five weeks previous to taking the Carlsbad water. He had found that on a fixed diet the daily amount of uric acid, nevertheless, varied. Niemeyer liad staled that this variation depended on unknown changes of action in the internal econo- my. He believed bactrim and uti that in the future the influence of any drug on the production of uric acid would be found to have no spe- cial relation to its value in the treatment of gout. Also our theories as to the nature of gout and the action of Carlsbad salts must both change. He had found Carlsbad water acting in several ways, some of which were: 1. The condition of the patient was bactrim 800mg improved through its causing the production of bet- ter blood (without any solution or dissipation of the tophi). The taking of warm water of itself acted favorably by diluting the fluids and washing out the channels of the body. 2. In cer- tain cases the gouty diathesis was not perceptibly modified. 3. In other cases the water did seem to lessen the synthetic forma- mation of uric purchase bactrim acid. 4. It often acted on other anomalies of function, and improved the general health. The digestion was in some cases improved, or deleterious by-products were taken up and excreted more rapidly. Perhaps the topical effect of the water on the stomach explained much of the benefit ob- tained. The exercise, bathing, bactrim and pure air, and change of sur- roundings also must exert considerable influence on the peri- stalsis and mrsa bactrim circulation, and thus increase the general tone of the body. Dr. F. N. Otis said that he could speak from his own impres- sions derived from a recent prolonged stay at Carlsbad, and from the results obtained by sending patients there. He had found that very gratifying results could be expected where the function of the livt-r was impaired, or where there was undue accumula- tion of fat. Especially where there was difliculty in the circula- tion of the bile, or the formation of gall-stones gave constant annoyance, the benefit wa^ often prompt and permanent, even in cases in which phosphate of sodium and rigid diet in this country had failed to give improvement. It was better, if possible, to spend two bactrim generic or three consecutive seasons there. He remembered one generic for bactrim case in particular in which the difiiculty had been quite ob- scure. The patient had sufli'ered from jaundice, inflammation over the liver, and progressive wasting of flesh. As summer came on, all other remedies having failed, he had been carried to the steamer in an ambulance and sent to Carlsbad, going all the way on his bed. He was then sixty-three years old. Improve- ment had begun at once, and he had returned to America in bactrim for mrsa apparently perfect health, and was now, at the age of seventy, one of the vigorous men in the city for his years. In all his earlier life, up to the bactrim tablets time of his sickness, this patient had indulged himself freely at table, and since his return had re- sumed these habits without seeming detriment. The speaker had gone to bactrim 400 mg Carlsbad himself to obtain relief from what was either a gouty or a nervous dyspepsia, with mental depression and inaptitude for work. His diet while cost of bactrim there had contained

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