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and, on the other, by failing to tell the exact truth while trying to excuse and explain the blunder. Although all science Buy Erectalis Online should be studied for the love of Truth (with a big T), there is usually a greater or lesser mixture of this love with personal pride and ambition. Though the clinician, whose errors have been exposed by the pathologist, does not actually " heave rocks at him," he sometimes would like to, and he often feels hurt, not infrequently with reason. As a " jack " of both trades — clinical medicine and pathology — I can see how easy it is to make blunders and how often they are natural and excusable. Unfortunately, there is too often a spirit of antagonism between clinicians and pathologists. The former regard the latter as people ■who don't know so very much after all, and are, moreover, dogmatic and disagreeable, while the pathologist is apt to dwell with great satisfaction upon clinical mistakes which he has demonstrated. Pathology is not such an exact sci- ence as many seem to think. While the pathologist may clearly see the clinical errors, he blunders in much the same way. Do not understand me to mean that the pathologist should try to cover up clinical blunders. There is far too little truth told in our profession because of a fear of hurt- ing men's feelings. It is, however, quite as untruthful to sjive too much as too little prominence to a fact. The " quiz " has been and will be an important part of medical education. There is no better method of fixing knowledge than by recitation, except by teaching. The " quiz," like everything else, is undergoing change. As a matter of course, the student wants a " quiz " which will enable Buy Erectalis him to pass his examinations. The method of in- struction, therefore, varies with the nature of these latter. The much-abused "cram quiz" was a natural result of the kind of examinations usual in the colleges and hospitals. This sort of quizzing had its advantages; it taught Erectalis Tablets system in study and re<-itation ; but let us hope it Iuih passed away forever ! It \\as calculated to ^ive the student isolated I'actH and not Lr«'iieral principles. While the cxtnninerH were in the habit of asking Huch ipiestions as " What is the strength of the |)reparations of iodine in the I". S. I'harma- copii'ia Erectalis Online ^ " or " What is Smith's diMeaseJ" the iiam quiz w.uH absolutely essential to the student. So Un\
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