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As I have remarked above, sugar was present in such quantity that I had no fear in attributing the laryngeal oedema to the existence of this product. Had the cold been the a;tiological factor and recognized Order Famvir as capable of produc- ing the acute oedema, it surely would have Famvir Online been one of Famvir Purchase those cases in which its influence would have been very manifest Famvir 500 Mg and its action promptly Buy Famvir felt. Here, Order Famvir Online on the Buy Cheap Famvir contrary, the patient was obliged to make Famvir Famciclovir an effort of memory in order to connect his excursion upon the water with his subse- 294 II A HTM AS: THE GALVANW OUHHENT IN RHINITIS. [N. Y. Med. Joub., (|tit«nt coixlitinii. On \\n\ otln'r linml, hh noithcr tlio Iturus- tioii ol" hot li(|iiir n';;anlc(l as causal, apparrntly our only ri'sourcc was to attribute the ohscrviMl pliciionn-iui to tlic uiitiini:tl cauHc nicntionrtl. I was tliiis led tt> «)r«]t'r .'in ('\.'iMiiii;ilin of tli«' urino of my patient, and tlii-nd'orc do not hesitate to regard the diahoteH as the prinuiry cause of the Famvir Buy conclusive results which Dr. Sliurly had arrived at several years previous- Since then it has been my pleasure and profit to investigate and carry out the suggestions of Dr. Delavan and Dr. Shurly, and I Purchase Famvir Online beg to bring before you the results for your con- sideration. In an article in the *' Medical Record," September 16, 1882, Dr. Bosworth speaks of the application of the fara- daic current in the treatment of turgescence of the nasal mucous membrane, which he regarded as due to lack of tone in tiie muscular coat of the venous sinuses. Ills experience was a favorable one, being confined, though, entirely to the use of the faradaic current, but suggests that the galvanic current may be equally valuable, and probably less painful. Dr. J. D. Lente, in an article on the " Treatment of Nasal Diseases by Electricity," in the " Medical Gazette," vol. ix, p. 471, 1882, also refers to this method of treating nasal turgescence and engorgement, and considers its action as prompt and decided. He further says that Famvir Price it may and has been Famvir 500mg used by him for other abnormal conditions ; but Dr. Lente used the galvanic current. lie advises not to have the current too strong, using from two to three cells, his method of application being very similar to that ad- vised by Dr. Delavan, but does not say whether he uses the positive or negative pole of the battery in the nostrils. He claims no originality in this method of treatment, stating that he was not aware that Famvir 500 there was anything novel about it, having used it for some years — referring also to Dr. Bos- * Read before the American Laryngological Association at its tenth annual congress. worth's artieh; in his remarks. So far these are the ordv reUuvnees that I have been able to Buy Famvir Online trace up upon the appli- cation of cither the mild f:iradai<; or galvanic current in the treatment of nasal diseases. The a(;ular change and alter- ing the secreting functions of tli(! tissues. This, of course, oidy applies to mild i-urreiits, for, should a strong current be used, we then get d<'st ruction of tissues and death to «rell- forming structures. During the past lifteen months tw(!nty-on(! patients with atrophic rhinitis have |)een treated by me with the mild gal- vanic current. Purchase Famvir Fourteen of them liave been discharged

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