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allowed. On the thirty-fifth day the evening temperature rose to 104° and appetite disappeared. I then gave finpecia hair loss quinine, gr. v, at 3 p. M., and calomel, gr. j, in the morning for two days, when the temperature went back to 102°, and on the forty-first day the temperature was normal and remained so. The patient lost finpecia price a very moderate amount of fiesh. The pulse ranged from 110 to 130. My experience leads me to believe that antipyrine given in the finpecia buy afternoon would have reduced the morning tempera- ture and increased the evening, as a result of the depressing effect buy finpecia uk of the drug. If the bowels had been allowed to re- main constipated for days (as is recommended finpecia cipla by some au- thorities), the continued pain in the finpecia fda head would have been purchase finpecia concealed by delirium, caused by the reabsorption of the poison which was leaving the system with the fajces. I order finpecia do not wish to denounce the antipyretic treatment of fevers with antipyrine and acetanilide, but I record the fact that a continuous temperature of 104° for seventeen days is finpecia uk not always dangerous. I should deem it advisable to be as watchful of the in- jurious effect of the drugs on the system as where to buy finpecia of the injurious effect of the temperature. Cases recorded as deaths from high temperature in fe- vers have also been associated with energetic antipyretic treatment. I finpecia india consider the early finpecia 1 mg evacuation of the bowels with the constant daily washing out of the rectum as the best treatment that could have been used in the above-^iven Corres|3onbence. LETTER FROM PARIS. The Societe de me decine pratique. — Zooplastic Grafting. — Winck- eVs Disease. — M. Forfs Method of treating Urethral Strict- ure. — Successful Surgical Treatment of a Cerebral Tumor. — CharcoVs New Treatment for finpecia online Ataxia. — Salol as a Remedy in Cholera. Paris, February 25, 1889. La Societe de medecine pratique de Paris is one of the most important of our cheap finpecia local societies, numbering about three hundred. It meets, in common with other bodies, in a large building called the Palais des societes savantes on the rue des Poitevins, a little street near the Faculty of Medicine. The sittings are held on Thursdays from 4 to 6 p. m. at present, but it is intended to have extra meetings in the evening, once or twice a month. finpecia canada This society was founded in 1808 by Chaussier, and has had buy finpecia online for presidents Baron Portal, Antoine Dubois, Trousseau, and Legrand du Saulle. Dujardin-Beaumetz, who was president for 1888, is continued this year as president d''honneur, while Dr. Laburthe is the actual presiding officer for 1889. M. Gillet de Grandmont is general secretary. The society's ofticinl paper is the "Journal de medecine," ably edited by the distinguished gynfecologist, Dr. Luteaud. The studies of the society are of the most practical nature ; during the past year there have been taken up antipyrine, by Dujardin-Beaumetz; the regulation of prostitution, by Luteaud; the sale of milk in Paris, by St.-Ives Menard; and anomalies of insertion of the placenta, by Porak. Numbers of other papers have been presented by such eminent men as Labbe, Desnos, Terrier, Saint-Germain, Balzer, Auvard, Polaillon, Terrillon, Landolt, and Apostoli. The society is divided into fifteen sections, with presidents as follows: Medicine, Cadet de Gassicourt; Surgery, M. P6an; Therapeutics, M. Huchard; Hygiene, M. Duch6ne; Legal finpecia cost Medi- cine, M. Luteaud ; Medical Chemistry and Pharmacy, M. Dethan ; Gynaecology and Obstetrics, M. Porak ; Dermatology finpecia online pharmacy and Syph- ilography, M. Balzer; Genito-urinary Diseases, M. Reliquet; Ophthalmology, M. Landolt; Laryngology, M. Desar&nes-Gar- rigou ; Odontology, M. Richard ; and Hydrology, M. Leudet. The final section is one of '•'•Free Associated Members^'''' which is intenr)finpecia 1mg the cotninittee, says lio

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