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lioju's to succeed in ^;ivin^; j-oine practical and interesting result to this novel idea. order flagyl 500mg online The ft)lh)winj; pa|)ors were presented at the society's last ineetiiif^: .M. Diihonscpict-Lahorderie showed a young innn whom he had treated by gratting a portion of a frog's skin on an open wound of tho foot resulting from an ah- sctiSM. The inemhor prosented a moM natural appearance and tho operation seemed 2000 mg flagyl bv tt) liavo been a complete HUccesH. The surgeon stated that he had treated nineteen persons in this way atid one with chicken skin, and in .seven of tin- cases he had had compltte success ; they were cases oi loss of substance after burns, ulcers, etc. lie had used the fro<^ in preference, as its skin had no follicles and was o.xlremely vascular. Ilia success with the method had led him to hope that zuoplastic grafting would be- come of great practical utility, so that there would be no longer any danger of inoculation of syphilis or tuberculosis through open wounds, which certainly had hapi)ened. He, liowever, admitted that the operation would sometimes fail, though con- ducted witli tho greatest care and attention. M. Polaillon said that one reason why such operations did not succeed was that the frog's skin was anything but aseptic, metronidazol 500 mg flagyl and not only should the precaution be taken of cleaning the frogs, but they shoidd swim for some time in a solution of boric acid before the skin was used. Very often grafted skin was reabsorbed, but metronidazole (flagyl) 500 mg oral tablet even then it favored cicatrization ; and, while it was not the frog's skin that remained on the patient, still it had acted by its pres- ence and been the i)oint of departure of a cicatricial prolifera- tion. M. Danet remarked that, while the skin was not the same in different parts do i need a prescription to buy flagyl of the body, it did not matter flagyl 400 mg pregnancy which part was used, as the result would be good, flagyl 250 mg and the first speaker closed the discussion by saying that he had once restored an eyelid with skin taken from the scrotum. M. Bar presented a colored drawing of a newly born child that presetted all the marks of a curious disease that had some- times been called Winckel's disease. M. Bar, however, showed that cheapest flagyl it had been seen and described before Winckel by Laroyenne and by Parrot. The first had named it " malndie hromee hhna- tiqiie,"' and the latter had called it '■'• flagyl 500 mg injectable tuluhemnUe renale.'''' The drawing shown gave a dark bronze coloring of the skin, and tlie autopsy made by Bar gave the macroscopical and histological lesions, as described by Winckel, who stated that this malady was epidemic and that it had a rapid course, but tab flagyl 400 mg that it was in no way similar to Addison's disease. M. Fort then read six ob- servations of cure of urethral stricture by his new method of linear electrolysis, and he presented bis instruments by which the operation was performed. One of his patitrnts had had an opening of only a millimetre in diameter, and yet after flagyl 500 mg tablet ne i￾e yarar an ap- plication of a minute and a half he had been able to return to his work completely relieved. This method is worthy of the attention of surgeons. M. P6an, surgeon to the St.-Louis Hospital, has related to the Academy of Medicine a case of successful surgical treatment of a cerebral tumor. The results of such operations, which are now becomiug numerous, prove tiiat flagyl metronidazol 500 mg tabletas there is no danger in opening the skull-cap when proper antiseptic precautions ai-e taken, and it is a striking proof of the value of motor cerebral localization and of the newly shown cranio-cerebral topography, which allows of the localization of brain neoplasms with such precision as to permit of such surprisingly succes.-f ul operations as that which M. Pean has performed. The localization was flagyl 500 mg tid done by young Profennor (AgtY'gA) (iilburt Rallet, of the facrulty in PuriH. He indicated the e.xact spot to trephine, although there was not the slightest sign of a wound, cicatri.x, or eleva- tion of the skin or bone at the place where tho tumor was found. The skull was in fact lieidthy. ('ertainly it is now poK sible for a physician to call in a surgeon's aid in such cascH, and with projter care suceeHS is almost certain. Tho patient was shown at the .\cademy, some two months and a half after the operation, in good health. Those who still persist in detiying the roulity of cerebral lo(wdiziilion must cease to do ho when they see that the can you take 1000 mg flagyl doctrine is no longer a speculative one, but now enters into the domain of pra(ti(!e. The patient WU8 a young man of twenty-eight, who had been treated by Dr. (i61ineau for e|)ileptic troubles for the last six buy flagyl 500mg online no prescription years. Hromidt had kept them under restraint for five years with considerable success, hut within the last year the attacks had increased so much in fre(|uency that they had become a danger to life. I)r. Ballet was called in consultation and diagnosticated a brain tumor, which M. P6an was a.sked to operate for, with the flagyl 250 mg comprimidos metronidazol suc- cess as stated above, thus confirming the facts, as given by Char- cot and his disciples, that there exists a motor zone with at least three centers, and that it can be determined with sufficient 7)rccision to permit of the successfid surgical treatment of brain tumors. (■ S[)eaking of Professor Charcot reminds me that he has been using a new treatment for ataxia. It is simply suspension ac- cording to Professor Sayre's well-known method, which does not need to be described to your readers. It seems that some '^ five years ago a Dr. Motchoukowsky, of Odessa, noticed the ^ good effects of sus()ension in tabes. He had applied a Sayre jacket to a patient who not only was ataxic but also had scoliosis ; there was at once a considerable amelioration in all the spinal symptoms, and it has led to an extensive use of suspen- sion in ataxia; quite a number of patients have derived the greatest beneBt from the treatment, including buy flagyl 750 mg a girl who had || Friedreich's disease, for which she was treated by Dr. Blocq, and who is now walking and doing flagyl 500 mg filmtablet well. Other ataxics who had to be carried to the hospital for treatment now walk there i) with ease, and when we know that the opinion of such men as Charcot is that it is useless to flagyl 500 mg po tid give mercury and iodides, or in- deed to employ any other treatment in such cases, the value of such simple treatment can not be overestimated. From experiments made by M. Loewentlial, in Professor Cornil's laboratory, it would seem that we have in salol a remedy for cholera. It had, indeed, been indicated by M. Sahli, when he first introduced the drug some time ago. M. von

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