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361 47 341 49 4 2 3 1 313 18 236 20 194 51 Price Of Fosamax 203 45 The Health of New York City.— During the four weeks ending Tuesday, March 12th, the following numbers of cases and deaths from infectious diseases were reported to the Sani- tary Bureau of the Health Department: Typhoid fever, 33 cases and 8 deaths; scarlet fever, 1,376 cases and Fosamax 70 185 deaths; cerebro-spinal meningitis, 11 cases and 6 deaths; measles, 1,105 cases and 73 deaths; diphtheria, 759 cases and 209 Buy Fosamax deatlis- small-pox, 1 death. The "Memphis Journal of the Medical Sciences" is the title of a new monthly journal published in Memphis, Tennessee and edited by Dr. Alexander Erskine, Dr. Thomas J. Crofl'ord. Dr. S. A. Rogers, Dr. Bennett G. Henning, Dr. William B. Rogers, and Dr. James Fosamax With D L. Minor. To judge from the fir^t num- ber, dated March, 1889. these gentlemen hold no sinecures, for the entire contents, in so Fosamax Buy Online Hv as Fosamax 70 Mg formal articles are concerned are contributed by them. The late Professor Dalton.— At a special meeting of the trustees of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the City of New Y'ork, held February 26, 1889, the following minute was adopted and ordered to be entered on the minutes of the board : The trustees of the College of Physicians and Surgeons de- sire to express their deep sense of the loss sustained by the col- lege in the death of its president, Dr. John Call Dalton. During the thirty-four Fosamax Price yeai's of his connection with the col- lege, first as professor of physiology, and afterward as president, Dr. Dalton took a warm interest in all that concerned the wel- fare of the institution. The college was in a special and peculiar sense his real home. Fosamax Lawsuit A large portion of his daily life was snent within its walls, and here was accomplished most Fosamax Online of the work which rightly placed him Fosamax D in the front rank of American Fosamax Plus D physi- ologists. Although a man of broad sympathies, which carried him into other departments of science and into questions of public affairs, his life was Fosamax 10 Mg centered here, and nothing lay so near his heart as Fosamax 35 Mg the College Fosamax Femur of Physicians and Surgeons, its best in- terests, and its advancement to a higher plane of professional Fosamax With Vitamin D education. As a teacher. Dr. Dalton possessed qualifications of the high- Fosamax 70 Mg Weekly est order. He was always master of his subject, while, by a seeming paradox, his subject mastered him. There was for this reason, a certain contagiousness in his absorbing interest in his theme. Even the dullest facts, under his treatment of them, acquired a new freshness, either by some original illustration by Fosamax Alendronate some presentation from an Alendronate Fosamax unusual standpoint, or by a quaint- ness of expression that gave them an air of novelty. But Fosamax Mg noth- ing displayed so well his rare genius in imparting knowledge as' the skill with which he simplified the most difficult subject by his orderly arrangement of its principles and the transparent clearness of his language. To this directness and simplicity of speech, which was typical of the whole character of the man, was joined a peculiar charm of manner that fascinated every one who came in contact with him. With cliildren he was a "-reat favorite. From him an explanation of the mechanism of some familiar object, or a story of natural history told in his inimita- ble way, brought greater deliglit to the child at his knee than the

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