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most exciting fairy-tale from any one else. And so in the lecture-room, although Dr. Dalton had none of order glucophage the conspicuous but more commonplace gifts of oratory buy glucophage online there was a certain personal magnetism about him — a rare, sub- tile quality of vital power— that at once placed him in sympathy with his audience, and gave him absolute control over it. To the office of president Dr. glucophage price Dalton brouglit a practical knowledge of men and affairs, a love of work, and thorough- ness in it, and a shrewd common sense, that qualified him for the position to a degree that now seems glucophage xr 500mg almost providential. 800 ITEMS.— LEfTRlia TO THE EDITOR. (N, y. Mbd. glucophage cost Joor., During liis biiHy iiiliniiiiMtriition tho oollogu wiim ri'iiiovi'il to Iim |)Posi>nt sitiiiitioii, its lunv bnildiiiKH were eror. l>Mltoti ap- |)r«)arlii'd tliis task in a eoiiscifntions spirit, determined lliat the trust imposed by the ;;enerous benefactors «)f tlie eollej?o sliuuld bo carried out faitlifully. With health already impaired by the iUsoahe of wliiili he died, bis labors wore in,'alde. He seemed t > feel that tho time was short; but, wiien the end eamo, he had the sutisfaetion of know in),' that his work had not been in vain. Tiie ambition of bis later glucophage buy years was realized. Ho had lived to see tho eollego lie iiad lovod with a more than filial atl'eetion entorinjr with brijjht prospoets upon u now era of prosperity. Conld ho have known al>o with what a fullness of jiratitudo bis nnseltish labors were rogardod by cheap glucophage all of tho alumni and otlioers of tho eolleue, who can doubt that oven his well- merited scientific honors would have had less value to him in his dyiii;: hour than such a tribute to bis personal cbaractor? |Sij,'ned.] (iKoiJoK (J. Wiiicki.ock, M. D., Uiqhtrar. The International Congress of Hydrology and Clima- tology will bold its second session in Paris, from the ;5d to tlie KUii of October. Papers glucophage online and letters of iiuiuiry should bo ad- dressed to Dr. F. do glucophage mg Hause, 53, uvenuo generic for glucophage Montaif^ne, Paris, until June 1st, or Neris (Allier) from June 1st until October 1st. Subscriptions, with glucophage generic a postal order for 20 francs, should be ad- dressed to M. (). Doin, 8, ])laoe do rOd(f'on, Paris. The First District Dental Society of the State of New York. — .^ paper entitled "Photomicrography, and its Possibili- ties in Demonstrating Tissues," was announced to be read by Dr. AV. Xavier Sudduth, of Philadelphia, at the meeting of Tuesday evening, the 12th inst. The price of glucophage Society of Medical Jurisprudence and State Medi- cine. — The special order for the sixty-first regular meeting, on Thursday evening, the 14th inst., was a paper on " Some Rela- tions cost of glucophage of Scientific Experts to the Administration of the Law," by Judge Willard Bartlett, of the Supretne Court. Change of Address. — Dr. William II. Dukeman has moved to No. 2-47 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, California. College Commencements have been held during the week as follows: On Monday, Bellevue Hospital Medical College and the New York College of Dentistry ; on Tuesday, the Medical Department of the University of the City of New York ; on Wednesday, the New Y'ork College of Veterinary Surgeons and School of Comparative Medicine; on Thursday, the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. glucophage 500mg Army Intslligence. — Official List of Changes in the Sta- tions glucophage sr and Duties of Officers serving in the Medical Department, United States Army, from March 3 to March 9, tablet glucophage 1889 : Webster, Wai£Ren, Major and Surgeon. Retired from active service, February glucophage diabetes 28, 1889. Par. 9, S. O. 50, A. G. O., March 1, 1889. Naval Intelligence. — Official List of Changes in the Medi- cal Corps of the United States yavi/ for tlie week ending March 9, 1889 : Marsteller, E. H., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from monitors at Richmond and to wait orders. Cabei.l, a. glucophage xr G.. Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the Naval Hospital, Chelsea, Mass., and ordered to monitors at Richmond. McClurg, Walter A., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Promoted to rank of Surgeon. Haiiin, II. .)., Surgeon. Detached from tho .Mohican and to ■ jiroceod home and wait orders. • HitADi.RY, (i. IV, Surgeon. Ordered to the Mohican. I.,i;n
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