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mont and ordered to tho Moliicati. Society Meetings for the Coming Week: Mo.NDAY, Miinh ISth : Glycomet 500 Mg New York .\cadom) of .Medic.ino (Sec- tion in Ophtlialinology and Otrdogy;; New York County Medi(;al Association ; Medicochiruigical Society of (iorinan IMiysicians; lliirtforGlycomet Sr 500 Y. ; Ogdensburgh Medical Asstjcialion ; Glycomet Gp 2 Glycomet 500 Sr Haiti- more AcaBuy Metformin 22d : Yorkville Medical Association (private); New York Society of German Physicians; New York Clini- cal Society (private) ; Glycomet Tablet Philadelphia Clinical Society; Phila- delphia Laryngological Society. Saturday, March 23d : New York Medical and Surgical Soci- ety (private). Setters t0 i\t €bxtor. BEEF-EATIXG CANCERS.— A TEREBENE RASH. Dalhousie, N. B., Canada, March 5, 1889. To the Editor of the New York Medical Journal : Glycomet Sr Sir: Referring to your editorial on "The Proper Manage- ment of Cancer," in Glycomet Gp1 your issue Glycomet 850 Mg of March 2d, I desire to say that the superstition that cancer is of a Buy Metformin Online " reasonable mind " is not entirely confined to the West. I find Glycomet 250 the impression prevailing among a certain class in this neighborhood that the application of raw beef to a cancerous ulcer will restrain Glycomet Gp the ravages of the disease, and am aware of one case of scirrhus of the breast in a Glycomet Tablets lady, a doctor's widow, in which it was used with alleged benefit. Glycomet 500 This was before my residence here, therefore I can not give particulars of the case further than that the cancer is stated to have " eaten ''"'five pounds of steak daily. Will .some of Glycomet Gp2 the readers of the Journal state if they have found the use of terebene accompanied by the appearance of an acneform rash on the face and neck which causes a good deal of discomfort from its itching ? I have observed this in six cases. It always disappeared when the drug was omitted for a time, and as invariably reappeared on its resumption. Allan G. Fergcson. THE SUCCESSFUL REMOVAL OF A LARGE CALCULUS FROM A MAN SEVEXTY-TWO YEARS OLD. Bedford, Pa., March 7, 1889. To the Glycomet 850 Editor of the New Fork Medical Journal : Sir : The following notes are only interesting Glycomet Price in so far as they prove that old ago has occasionally greater recuperative power than it is usually credited with. During the autumn of 1888 Jonathan Reigard, a German by descent and a farmer by March 16, 1889. PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. 301 occupation, came to me complaining of all the symptoms pro- duced by vesical calculus. His history was that he began to notice that something was wrong with him about three years previously, and that for the last twelve months life had become intolerable, although he had been guaranteed cures without number, and turned his stomach into a drug-store, so far as pills, powders, and physic could make it. The Glycomet 1gm examination with a sound made it certain that a large stone was in the bladder. Under the influence of ether, given by Dr. Enfield, of Bedford, I performed the lateral operation, and after great difhculty ex- tracted a stone weighing seven ounces and measuring three inches long, two inches and a half broad, and an inch and a half thick. The usual after-treatment was adopted, and, al- though I did not expect it, from the Glycomet 500mg age of the old man, the in- cision had healed completely at the end of five weeks. Since the operation he has gained in fiesh considerably, and whenever he sees me tells me that lie has not been so well for the last ten years. II. B. Runnalls. ^rocetbtngs ai Societies,

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