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to be put for fifteen minutes into a bath with a temjierature of Cifj", and this hath might he repeated in two or three hours if necessary. Immediately on takit)g him out the jiatient was to be wrapped in a thick linen sheet, rubbed well, blanketed, and given a stimulant. In case the heart was feeble and the nerve centers were overcome hoodia buy (even with the tvemi)erature below 102 this might ha[)pen), the patient was to be put into a tepid half bath, and there be given affusions of cold water accompanied by active friction. This was called the stimulating bath. A wet compress was also to be kept upon the abdomen all the time. In these baths the benefit was derived almost entirely from the stimulus to the reflexes controlling circulation, respi- ration, and nutrition. Lung complications and heart-weakness did not contra-indicate their use ; the heart was in fact aided. With these baths all the symptoms became lighter, there was less stupor and less sleeplessness, the nerves and nervous centers were not so apt to be affected, and the tendency to intestinal ulceration, haemorrhages, and other complications was less. It was more a preventive than a curative remedy. Its statistical record was unparalleled. He had obtained very fair results for the past twelve years from a partial obedience to Brandt's in- structions: a bath 10° below the body temperature, lowered gradually, after the patient was in it, to 68°, He had not thus obtained, and had not deserved to obtain, such results as had fol- lowed when directions had been really obeyed. The Relations of Water in the Bodily Economy.— Dr. J. Harvey Dew read a short paper relating to the importance of water from a physiological standpoint. He would deal with water as an element necessary to the exercise of certain func- tions, and in the chemistry of animal life. Both laity and pro- fession showed a sad neglect of certain facts about water, the results of which inattention he saw every day. The chief of buy hoodia online these facts were : 1. The body consisted mainly of water, the. latter forming in health from two thirds to three quarters of its bulk. 2. Water constituted nearly the total volume of the circu- lating fluids of the body, the blood, lymph, and digestive secre- tions. 3. It was the vehicle for the processes of digestion, absorp- tion, and transportation of food. 4. It formed a large part of the ultimate tissues, and must be present in every order hoodia process of assimilation. 5. It served as a vehicle for the circulation of waste mat- ters. 6. Three or four pints (or pounds) of it were needed daily. 7. It could be observed that all thin persons partook scanti- ly of water, whereas all fleshy people drank freely of it. 8. All diseases involved a disturbance of the processes of digestion, absorption, secretion, and elimination. klarch 16, 1889. PROGEEDINOS OF SOCIETIES. 303 9. A large proportion of the discomforts and troubles of the )ody arose from a poor performance of the functions depending ipon water. It was proper that in health two ])int8 of water hould leave the hoodia p 57 body daily by tlie kidney, two by the skin, and me and a lialf by the lungs, or five and a half total. Water aken at meal-time was rapidly absorbed or jja^sed through the lylorus. Lack of water caused constipation, made the secre- ions tenacious, the circulation defective, and the skin dry, and iirectly caused dyspepsia. The habit of taking cheap hoodia water only in he form of such beverages as tea, coffee, and beer was not a ;ood substitute for the drinking of pure water. NEW|,YORK CLINICAL SOCIETY. Meeting of January S5, 1889. The President, Dr. J. W. Roosevelt, in the Chair. Medical Education and Methods of Instruction in lledicine. — The President read a paper thus entitled. (See iage288.) Dr. D. B. Delavan would say in regard to the question of idactic or clinical instruction that, in his experience, both cere needed. The retention of facts stated in didactic lectures purchase hoodia online epended very largely on a personal element in the hoodia 57 lecturer, omething in the manner and voice. Thus he himself had earned much from Dr. Dalton which had never left him, but rom some other men he had listened to hardly anything. He lelieved a thorough grounding in the fundamental parts of aedicine should be held as the all-important thing, rather than , knowledge of technical details, or of the rare and curious, f some simple disease were taken up and made thoroughly amiliar, more would be gained by embryo doctors than from ividing up the time so as to have their attention drawn in rapid uccession to a large number of diseases, some of which they purchase hoodia

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