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[light not meet with twice in the whole course of their practice, f at all. He had noticed that some students ibuprofen use tended to pay acetaminophen or ibuprofen para- Qount dose ibuprofen attention to ibuprofen and motrin the clinical instruction given them, and did dose for ibuprofen 10 reading-up on any subject dosage for ibuprofen outside of their notes of lectures. le thought the deliberate perusal of several writers on the same ubject one of the greatest aids to the command of it. The best Qan he had ever had under his instruction had followed up this (Ian diligently. One subject at a time had been studied cliuic- lly, and followed through a series of works by standard writ- es. Diff useness was the prominent evil in the medical teaching if the day ; too great an area and not enough concentration on .ny subject, from the least to the greatest. The instruction of astructors was therefore the essential need. We had a great early influx of beginners, all different in capacity and previous quipment for scientific study. motrin is ibuprofen It was very difficult to get the inder-men in the faculty to deal with these students in detail, le meant by that that a large part of those who were wiping undertake direct instruction of individual students were un- ible to do such work. Dr. M. Allen Starr considered it of great importance that uch a subject should be freely discussed. He concurred heart- ly in many of the president's conclusions, but would take ex- ieption to two points. He thought that the importance of matomical knowledge as an aid to clinical diagnosis could not )e exaggerated. It ibuprofen acetaminophen was indispensable to accuracy of diagnosis n the department of neurology. As an illustration there might )e cited the necessity of a knowledge of the motor tract in the )rain before the subject of hemiplegia, as contrasted with alter- lating paralysis, could be understood. To show clinically two ibuprofen motrin ases illustrating these affections would be useless unless the tudent knew the anatomy of the brain sufficiently to appreciate he location of the lesion in each. By a knowledge of anatomy he would not imply the memorizing of the branches of the ulnar or any other nerve, but he meant a working knowledge of the central nervous system and its great dosage ibuprofen sensory and motor tracts and areas, without which 600 ibuprofen a diagnosis in a nervous case was impossible. Again, as to the use of large clinics, it seemed to him that tliere were many things wliich could be taught ibuprofen mg in these as well as to a few men. It was possible to show various forms of talii)es, the gait in different diseases, the extent and distribution of paralyses, anaesthesia), and atrophies, characteristic deformi- ties, and electrical reactions, just dosage of ibuprofen as well to three hundred as to one, and with a great saving of time. Therefore large clinics had a place ia any phin of instruction, but they certainly should be supplemented by smaller ones. The greatest clinical teacher he had ever heard was Noth- nagel, of Vienna, and the impressive point in his teaching was the manner in which he connected symptoms and lesions, bringing out clearly the pathological reason for every manifes- tation of disease. Another point in Nothnagel's clinic was the method of instruction. Cases were not taken up hap-hazard, but were shown in relation to one another— for example, pa- tients suffering from various forms of lung disease were shown in succession, patients illustrating all the various forms being shown during a certain period of the course, then in the same way all kinds of cases of heart disease, and then kidney diseases, etc., were dose of ibuprofen shown. This enabled points of differential diagnosis to be clearly shown, and was much more impressive and in- structive to a student than the presentation of several different cases without mutual relation on the Same use of ibuprofen day. The material at many of the colleges was certainly sufficient for such a sys- tematized clinical course ; he had found it perfectly possible to arrange his own clinic by this method, and with advantage. The last point to which he wished to call attention was the need of some method of co-work among the lecturers in a given col- lege. It would be easily possible, if different men agreed upon a plan, to have the student studying the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of a given organ at the same time; and when this was going on the clinics might be arranged so as to illus- trate the diseases of that organ. For example, to illustrate from his own branch, there was no reason why the structure and functions and lesions and diseases of the brain should not each be before the student at the same time, with a saving to him of labor and confusion. Other organs— the stotnach, or liver, or lungs — might be taken up thus in turn, and instruction would then be more concentrated and more thorough. Dr. W. acetaminophen with ibuprofen G. Thompson spoke of the nervously exhausted con- dition usually reached by the student at the end of a course of study at a medical college. The crowding and effort toward the last, made in fear of the difficulties of the final examination, could be only injurious in its effects. Many students graduated in a state of nervous tremor which was simply pitiful. There were other faults connected with the final examinaticm system : the questions asked were often absurd because taking up more the unexpected and unimportant. The examiner, u:>ually full of other work, often thought up his questions in the greatest hurry, and put in questions which ibuprofen and acetaminophen occurred to him because they were difficult and he advil and ibuprofen would see if the students knew them, but which were no test at all of the actual conscientious and pur- poseful study put in advil ibuprofen by a student during the several years past. The knowledge that such questions might be in store for them tended to upset the balance of students through fear of failure to pass. Such questions did anything rather than increase the sum of useful knowledge acquired previous to examination. The condition of many text-books put into the hands of students was an unnecessary hindrance to their progress. The authors of these books often attempted to accomplish three separate 804

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