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there is no valvular disease, no matter what may be the dis- turbed action of the heart Gemfibrozil Price or the number and location of its murmurs. But Gemfibrozil Mg as soon as the rhythm is altered, its extent will measure the amount of injury the heart has received, and then the murmurs Gemfibrozil 600mg of obstruction and regurgitation will define the locality and nature of the disease, even although conducted into the chest-wall by the common medium, the mediastinum. Obstruction of the aortic orifice^will cause a murmur which, by conduction of the mediastinum, will be heard at March 23, 1889. VAN VALZAH: DISEASES OP THE STOMACH AND BOWELS. 319 recurrence after yielding to my urgent advice to move into more salubrious quarters. Under debilitated conditions of Lopid Tablets system, common mem- branous sore throat will not be unlikely to merge into pha- gedenic ulcerous sore throat. Paralysis of the palate sometimes follows recovery from common membranous sore throat. When the diagnosis of common membranous sore throat can be made out with certainty, there is nothing calling for special treatment ; but the treatment pursued in ordinary sore throat may be generally Order Lopid followed with advantage. It is practically a self-limited disease with a tendency to recovery. When foetor exists, Lopid Cost as during the detachment Gemfibrozil 600 of Buy Lopid Online patches of exudation, antiseptic and detergent sprays may be employed. Solutions of borax, boric acid, carbolic acid, potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, etc., are appropriate. Lemon-juice is often an agreeable Buy Lopid and an efficient applica- tion. In those individuals, especially strumous and Buy Cheap Lopid tuber- culous subjects, in whom there is a constitutional proclivity to chronicity, or to the recurrence of the peculiar manifes- tations, more active measures will be Lopid 600mg required. Locally, frequent application of the dilute acids — say, every day or two — affords the most satisfactory results. Internally, iron and cinchona preparations should be administered. Opium in small doses is of special efficacy, not as a narcotic, but as a gentle stimulant or nervous tonic. Nux vomica and arsenic may be employed for similar purposes. The diet should be highly nutritious and easily assimilable. Unne- cessary exposure should be avoided. Supporting measures generally, hygienic as well as medicinal, Cheap Lopid should be persisted in. When membranous sore throat exhibits a tendency to jthagedajna, the treatment for gangrenous sore throat be- comes indicated. Common membranous sore throat may invite an attack of diphtheria, or the diagnosis may be in doubt. In that case the prudent course is to treat the affection as diphtheria, but to avoid the recommendation for diphtheria of some indiffierent remedy during the exhi- bition of which a case of membranous sore throat has ended in recovery. When extension to the larynx occurs and threatens suffocation, tracheotomy or intubation to avert death should be Lopid Mg practiced, as in croup or diphtheria. In cases of recurrent or chronic membranous sore throat the cause should be searched for in the dwelling of the patient or in his place of vocation. Should either Generic Lopid of these be found unhealthy, nothing short of change to healthier surroundings will be likely to be of permanent service. 1431 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, February 7, 1889. Hysteria in the Russian Army. — " According to Dr. Ozeretskofski, of Moscow," says the " Lancet," " the existence of hysteria among Rus- sian soldiers is by no means an exceptional occurrence. The affection presents the same diversities of form that it does among women. Fre- quently men suffering from Lopid Price this affection are put down as malingerers. Other cases are looked upon Lopid 60 Mg as instances of serious but somewhat ob- scure organic disease, the true nature of the case being nearly always overlooked, because it is not generally supposed that soldiers are liable to hysteria. So Gemfibrozil Cost real, however, does Dr. Ozeretskofski consider the ex- itsence of this male- hysteria, that, having had an opportunity of study- ing no less Gemfibrozil 600 Mg than thirty-eight cases in the Moscow Mihtary Hospital, he is convinced that hysteria ought to be recognized as one of the affec- tions which entitle the subject of it to exemption from military service." A CLINICAL PAPER ON THE TREATMENT OF FUNCTIONAL AND CATARRHAL DISEASES OF THE STOMACH AND BOWELS.* By W. W. VAN VALZAH, M. D., FORMERLY DEMONSTRATOR OF CLINICAL MEDICINE, JEFFERSON MEDICAL COLLEGE. The purpose of this paper is to present the essential features of certain methods of treatment which I have found to be very useful. I shall Order Lopid Online endeavor to state them in a dis- tinctly clinical manner, so as to show their practical appli-

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