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THK HKE'S VKNOM AS A KKMKDY FOU RIIKUMATISM. TiiK " L'nion modicalo " publishes an abstract of an article in the "Wiener medicinisclio 1 'rosso " in which Dr. Terc de- scribes a singular method of conferring immunity against rheu- matism, namely, by saturating the system with the venou) of the bee. The author had noticed that, when bees stung a rheu- matic person, the little swelling produced by the sting in most persons was Generic Mesterolone slow in appearing, and, if the stinging process was continued, finally failed to appear at all ; then the person was free from rheumatism and reasonably safe against relapses. Dr. Terc is said to have carried out the process in 173 cases, in which 39,000 stings were required. He reports success in acute cases, but especially in chronic cases that had been given over as hopeless. PLEGAPHONY; A NEW DIAGNOSTIC SIGN. Db. E. Sehrwald, a tutor in the University of Jena, de- scribes, in the " Mllnchener medicinische Wochenschrift," a method of auscultatory percussion of which he considers it use- ful to avail one's self when bronchophony, ordinarily relied upon, is absent or feeble. According to an abstract given in the "Deutsche Medizinal-Zeitung," the method consists in percuss- ing the larynx while the ear is applied to the chest. A ples- simeter is laid upon the side of the thyreoid cartilage, with its front edge coinciding with the crest of the larynx, and gentle percussion is made with the finger or with a hammer. This may be done by the patient or Buy Mesterolone by an assistant, while ausculta- tion is performed by the physician. If the ear is applied over infiltrated pulmonary tissue, the percussion sound, transmitted through the air in the bronchi, is that of a loud, clear, quick stroke, tympanitic in character. It is called plegaphony (in German, Plegaphonie), from TrTiT/y^, a blow, and
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