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At a topical methotrexate recent meeting of the Berlin Verein fur innere Medi- cin, a report of the proceedings of which is given in the "Deutsche Medizinal-Zeitung" for February 14th, Herr Remak showed a milkmaid, twenty years old, who was the subject of -this affection. The speaker remarked that milkers' cramp had first been described by Basedow, in 1851, who showed it to be a tonic spasm of the muscles of the forearm, brought on by 6 mp methotrexate any attempt to milk cows, but not by labor in the field, and classed it as a so-called, functional cramp, or co-ordinatory professional neurosis, like its prototype, writers' cramp. In Herr methotrexate injection cost Remak's case the cramp was ascribed to a degenerative inflammation of the median nerve. ETHICS AMONG THE DENTISTS. At a meeting of the New York Odontological Society, held on Tuesday evening. Professor Horatio C. Meriara, of Harvard University, read a paper on " Professional Atmosphere and Morals." The meeting was looked forward to as methotrexate canada an important one, chiefly because it was expected that there would be a dis- cussion methotrexate 7.5 mg turning largely upon the servitude of dentists to holders methotrexate b12 of patent rights; and that proved to be the case. It was main- tained that members of the dental profession should not them- selves obtain patents for appliances to be used in the practice of their art; that when they did so they contributed to lower the status proper to the profession, besides throwing a burden upon their professional brethren. There is an evident purpose on the part of American dentists to cultivate ethics in its appli- cation to their work, and to assimilate themselves more closely to the medical methotrexate 2.5 mg tablet profession in that respect. The motives by which they are actuated are entirely praiseworthy, and it is to be methotrexate 12.5 mg expected that they will add still greater luster to the fame of American dentistry. CYSTITIS IN WOMEN. Dr. Thomas Moee Madden, of Dublin, contributes to the " British Medical Journal " an article in which he insists upon the greater methotrexate usp frequency and more serious consequences of inflam- mation of the bladder in women than in men, methotrexate sodium 2.5 mg and then consid- ers its palliative and curative treatment in the former. Where it is possible to get rid of the cause, that, of course, is the methotrexate cream thing to be done; but, given a case of cystitis in which this is methotrexate for ms im- practicable, none of the measures before proposed have been really curative, except Dr. Emmet's button-hole operation. To this Dr. Madden has found methotrexate pharmacology these objections: The general diflB- culty of keeping the fistulous opening patulous long enough to allow the bladder to regain its normal condition ; the irritation occasioned by the button ; and the occasional difficulty of clos- ing the fistula when its persistence is no longer necessary. He has therefore abandoned the use of Emmet's operation, and now resorts to pharmacology of methotrexate digital dilatation of the urethra and the neck of the bladder, occasionally associated with the cautious use of a dull curette upon the proliferating mucous membrane of the bladder, and in all cases with the application of carbolic acid (the gly- cerine of carbolic acid of the British Pharmacopoeia) to the ' same membrane. This treatment, he says, seldom has to be repeated more than two or three times, at intervals of a week, to effect a cure, even methotrexate and ms in the most aggravated cases. THE PHARMACOPCEIA OF 1890. Whoever has examined the present United States Pharma- copoeia, and compared it methotrexate 17.5 mg witii the preceding decennial issues of the work, must have realized the unusual amount and the care- ful character of the labor expended upon it by the committee of revision. This fact alone should have entitled the committee to the gratitude of two professions, but it is worthy of addi- tional praise for having taken great pains to facilitate the work of its successors of 1890. This the committee has done by col- lecting from various sources precisely the data and queries that will methotrexate generic name have to he considered by the next committee. These are published in the form of a brochure of nearly two hundred pages, entitled '• Digest of Criticisms on the United States Pharmacopoeia, Sixth Decennial Revision (1880)." We have examined this publication with some care, and we find the sug- gestions contained in it to be such as ought to commend them- selves to the new committee. We infer that it is to the indus- try and public spirit of the old committee's chairman. Dr. Charles Rice, that the professions of medicine and of pharmacy are in- debted for this timely work. SOME NEW APPLICATIONS OF LARYNGEAL INTUBATION. methotrexate rxlist In the "British Medical Journal" for March 2d a well- known Edinburgh surgeon, Mr. Thomas Annandale, describes certain uses to which he has put Dr. O'Dwyer's operation of intubation of the larynx — namely, as an aid in certain opera- tions, as a means of restoring or carrying on respiration in cases of sudden obstruction in the larynx or trachea, and for laryn- methotrexate india geal stenosis resulting from chronic inflammatory conditions or from accidental or surgical wounds. By the simple expedient of surmounting the O'Dwyer tube with a channeled hard-rub- ber gag to which a soft-rubber tube is attached to be brought 328 rUlSls.—LhTTKHS TO IlIK KhllOU.

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