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329 THE ANTISEPTIC TREATMENT OF MAMMARY ABSCESSES. 133 West Tiiiuty-fouhth Stuket, 3Iarch 11, 1889. To the Editor of the New Yoric Medical Journal: Sib : The paper of Dr. J. P. Marsh, entitled '• Care of the Female Breast during Lactation," puhlished in the Journal of March 9th, Mirapex Price was a very satisfactory one in all respects save on the suhject of the treatment of mammary ahscess after the pus has been evacuated. The author say? : " Perhaps antise|)tics had better be excluded from the treatment of these Buy Mirapex Online abscess cavities, and, where irrigation is required, simple boiled water be used." Every surgeon who is familiar with modern ideas felt his bristles rise when he read that expression of sentiment. It is true that our best antiseptics — Mirapex Cost bichloride of mercury and carbolic acid — might Mirapex Coupon be dangerous when used for irrigating a large abscess cavity ; but if we substitute for them peroxide of hydrogen and balsam of Peru, the abscess cavity will with graceful submission fill quickly with healthy granulations, and the dangers of wound infection and the discomfort of long-continued suppuration will be done away with. If Dr. Marsh, after making a very free opening into an ab- scess cavity of large size, will inject once daily thereafter a few drachms of a twelve- or tifteen-vulume preparation of peroxide of hydrogen, and follow this injection with the introduction of a small quantity of balsam of Peru, he will be very much pleased with the results. The peroxide is injected most easily by means of a hard-rubber syringe and a small soft catheter, the latter be- ing inserted into the deepest cavities and the injection then made through it. After waiting a few minutes the masses of foam and the debris which are thrown out are brushed away and another injection made. This is repeated until the perox- ide which is injected ceases to foam. The abscess cavity is then known to be chemically clean. Fluid remaining in the cavity is gently expressed and balsam of Peru made to take its place. A very large drainage-tube — or, what is better, a Mirapex Rls strip of gauze soaked in the balsam Mirapex 1 Mg — should be introduced and the whole breast enveloped in Mirapex Coupons a large handful of bichloride gauze or cotton. Egbert T. Morris. ■proccfbings Pramipexole Mirapex of Societies. NEW YOPvK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE. Meeting of Februarij 7, 1889. The President, Dr. A. Generic For Mirapex L. Loomis, in the Chair. Address of the Retiring President.— Dr. A. Jaoobi, in re- signing the chair to Dr. Loomis, read a carefully prepared paper, in which he reviewed the labors of the Academy in the past, and called attention to some things Mirapex For Rls in which he hoped improve- ment would be made in the future. The prosperity of the Academy in membership, finances, buildings, and equipment, and Cheap Mirapex in having an abundance of interesting papers read before its meetings, Vt^as a matter for general satisfaction. That so active a part Mirapex Er in the proceedings was taken by the younger men he regarded as a fulfillment of one of tlie purposes of such an association — namely, " to foster the growth of young cells " in the " tissues " of the profession. The function of physicians in the body-politic Mirapex 0.125 Mg should be that of the trusted advisers of the public on all matters in which life and health were at stake. Only when the profession as a body came to represent the widest and most accurate thinking of all times in matters relating to the physical welfare of the individual and the community would they take their proper place in regulating the public policy Mirapex Generic in inatters connected with the prevention as well as the cure of diseases ; bills presented to the Mirapex 0.25 Mg Legislature, prepared and in- dorsed by leading medical organizations, would be passed with- out revision by men untrained in the science of medicine; and even on the managing boards of our hospitals it might come to What Is Mirapex be tliought prudent to have one member a doctor. He called attention to the meetings of the Section in Hy- giene and Public Health as being most important as regarded the possible service they might render to the public. The at- tendance on these meetings by so many representative men in the educated class belonging to other professions was no reason why so few doctors should be present to take active part in the discussions. The Section in Materia Medica and Therapeutics had not been productive of valuable work. He sometimes wished it were called the Section in Therapeutics including Ma- teria Medica, and that it might deal with a wider range of sub- jectsvthan experimental studies of the effects of new drugs on animals. He would propose as the field of investigation proper to this section the discovery and application of all laws and means by which recovery from disease could be promoted. A knowledge of these was the first and last accomplishment of the physician— one to which all his other knowledge was sub- sidiary, or should be. The speaker then passed in review the recent advances in our knowledge in this great department of work. He endeavored Buy Mirapex to show the subtlety of the practical problems which had to be dealt with, and Mirapex Litigation the innumerable varia- tions which perverted body-action as affected by drug-action pre- sented. It was scarcely to be wondered at that so much scorn was put upon internal medicine by the skeptically minded in the laity, who comprehended neither the uses of drugs nor yet their limitations, especially when acting on a body past the middle period of its life. Remembering the great complexity Generic Mirapex of the subject, it was easier to understand how so many gradu- ates from poor colleges were able to sell their ignorant services

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