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" 33 40 .M. Yes 10 ec naprosyn rxlist S i X' I in. 3 no change 1 mns. - same improvement after the second course of treat- ment, gaining at first fifteen feet, and naprosyn costochondritis later only from four to six feet. We are convinced, too, that the electric current is capable, even when properly used and within moderate limits of strengths, of causing adhesions in the tube. One instance of naprosyn gel costo this was particularly well demonstrated. It was the case previously referred to as presenting catarrhal pain in the ear. Several strictures were encountered and passed, with naprosyn sr 1000 mg much relief to pain. The "bubbling" symptom was met with only at current strengths of many instances it will be noticed by the patient at I, 2, or 3 milliamperes. In other cases 5, 6, or 7 milliamperes have to be buy naprosyn tablets reached. Several times the patients reported a similar bubbling there generic naprosyn after removal of the bougie, and in at least three cases no bubbling was ever secured ; only increased tinnitus or pain, such pain naprosyn 500 mg oblong yellow tablets always evidencing the cautery effect of the current. Care was exercised in each case to secure as thorough asepsis as possible. In spite of this, suppuration of the ear followed in four cases. In three of these cases the recovery was rapid, ten days HARRIS: TREATMENT OF THE naproxen 500mg generic naprosyn EUSTACHIAN TUBE. [N. Y. Med. where can i buy naprosyn Jour.. to two weeks, and was unattended by any unpleasant sequelae, not even can you get high off naprosyn 500mg reducing naprosyn sr tablet 1000 mg the hearing for a long time. The fourth case deserves to be reported at greater length. The patient was a young lady, twenty years of age, who presented herself for hard hearing. An naprosyn ec fort 500 mg operation for adenoids ec-naprosyn generic and .s;eptal exostosis was performed. This was followed by an attack of grippe, confining her to bed. This seemed to be a relapse from a previous attack just before she entered the hospital, not known about at that time. Upon what appeared full recovery, electrolysis was applied to the tube naprosyn 500 mg oral tablet opposite to the side of the nasal operation. A slight stricture was encountered and passed at i^',; inches. Improvement naprosyn ec 500 mg pl in hearing naprosyn generic naproxen was noted, with no un- pleasant results. The following week the bougie was again introduced. This time no stricture was met, but at exactly i>^ inch, as was carefully ascertained after removal, a distinct snap was heard both by much does naprosyn cost the patient and myself, followed by severe pain. Examination showed that Shrapnell's mem- brane was much reddened. The pain disappeared for three hours, then returned with much severity. I saw the ec-naprosyn price case on the buy naprosyn 500mg day following or at the end of twenty-four hours, found a bulging drum, and per-

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