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water-bed — supplied with hot and cold water cocks and a ther- premarin mg mometer — will be found very convenient. Such beds are used n order premarin online the fever wards purchase premarin of tiie Hamburger Krankenhaus and are iighly praised.* The patient's under-clothing should be of fine, soft wool, ind so made that it can buy conjugated estrogens online be changed, at proper intervals, (vith the minimum of exertion. The nurse should be competent, (piict, and discreet, and ler buy cheap premarin work should be of the best. The surface of the body should be bathed one or more imes daily, as indicated by the state of the skin, with warm )r hot cologne order premarin (or other) water. If the baths are fre- quently employed, the skin should be very thinly anointed vith some unctuous substance, as, e. ct. 22, 1887, p. 543; Pepper, "Med. Gaz.," July 15, 1882, p. 328; Hijardin-Beaumetz, "Therap. Gaz.," 1888, p. 74. ** buy conjugated estrogens Caldwell, "Trans, of the purchase premarin online 111. Med. Soc,"1880; Flint, "Med. 'ews and Abst.," 1881, p. 284 et p. 518; Kaufmann u. premarin price DeBary, Berliner k. Wochenschr.," 1888, S. 558 ; Sholl, "Med. and Surg. Rep.," ol. xlix, p. 621 ; Spencer, "Therap. Gaz.," April, 1884, p. 157. tt See Rewnow, " St. Petersburger med. Wochenschr.," 1876, 'o. 15. internal congestions.* It must be remembered that but little ett'cct can follow the employment of baths in patients having a largo amount of subcutaneous adipose tissue. If the head aches or is very hot, the ice-cap f or cold coil may by applied, the consequent cooling of the head buy premarin having a general as well as a local effect. Local thoracic a[)p]ications arc of great importance, premarin cost and of these the sweat- jacket is the most useful, and it should be employed in every case. This jacket is made by fitting a thick layer of buy premarin online carded wool to the chest, and covering with oiled silk or rubber cloth. It should open in each axillary line and upon the shoulders, so as premarin online to allow of ready access for examination, the application of stimu- lating or soothing oleaginous generic conjugated estrogens medicaments, etc. The retained perspiration and heat cause it to act as, but with none of the premarin tablets inconveniences of, a poultice, cheap premarin as employed by many X and ob- jected to by a few.* Tossius a Serra || lauds compresses of cold water applied to the affected side, and the practice is upheld by many modern authors."^ These cold applications have a very marked infiuence in re- ducing temperature, especially if they are extended over the prajcordiaO and clavicle, but I agree with Loomis| and others^ in generic premarin condemning the practice as being both disagreeable and dan- gerous. The atomizer has been used in this direction to apply

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