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water, I ether,** etc., for the same, but the objections to this procedure are of equal force with those against the cold compresses. Mental and physical restff and quietude are very impor- tant factors in infiuencing a successful result, and every endeavor should be made to obtain them. From the beginning of the attack prevacid naprapac 500 the patient should be confined to his prevacid 24 hour coupon bed, and on no account should he be moved long distances prevacid 42 count or over rough roads. When we consider that the hepatized lung is often so softened that it may be readily broken down by a slight pressure of the fin- ger, or a not very powerful stream of water, we can ap- * See prevacid sale Struver ("Med. News," April 29, 1882, p. 456) on the use of the full hot bath, which I can not think generic prevacid otc superior to the method advised. f Lydston ("Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc," May 16, 1887, p. 427) applies the cold ice-bag to the nape. J prevacid ac Chambers, "Lancet," N. Y., 1862, vol. ii, p. prevacid chewable tablets 260; Forcheimer, "Cin. Lan. and Clin.," 1885; Grimshaw, "Dublin Jour, of Med. Sci.," May, prevacid 24hr coupon 1875 ; Lewin, " Deutsche med. Wochenschr.," 1878, No. 13 ; Rip- ley, "Med. Rec," Feb. 21, 1885, p. 217; Smith, ibid., Feb., 1886, free prevacid coupons p. 238; Winters, ibid., Feb. 21, 1885, p. 217. » prevacid generic equivalent Peters,'" Med. Rec," Feb. 21, 1885, p. 217; et al. II Op. cit. ^ Esmarch, Langenbeck's " Archiv," Bd. ii, S. 276 ; Green, " Quain's Die of Med.," N. Y., 1883, p. 890 ; Juergensen, ojj. cit. ; Niemcyer, " Pra- ger Vierteljahrschr.," Bd. iv, S. prevacid discount card 121; Thompson, "N. Y. Med. Jour.," March, 1875, p. 291 ; Weber, op. cit., generic name for prevacid Bd. ii, S. prevacid savings card 63. ^ coupons for prevacid 24 hour Grigorovich, " Practitioner," Aug., 1886; Lydston, "Jour, of the Am. Med. Assoc," April 16, 1887, prevacid en espanol p. 427; Stcphan, "St. Petersburger med. Wochenschr.," 1884. X "N. Y. Med. Jour.," March, 1875, p. 292. X Fo.x, "Med. Rec," July 10, 1886, p. 51 ; Polk, ibid., Oct. 11, 1884, p. 414. I Flascher, "Berliner k. Wochenschr.," March 31, 1884, S. 202; Preyer, " Jenaischen Sitzensb.," Feb. 22, 1884. ** Unna, "Berliner k. Wochenschr.," 1882, cheap prevacid online No. 20 prevacid otc coupon u. 21. ff Putnam, "Med. World," 1888, p. 17 ; et al. ;;io Wh'/./.S: TUHAT.UHS'T F PNEUMOSIV FEVER. I N. Y. Mki). Jouh., lur.iiitP the iinportanco of V m |i:itii ntM porfectly '|iiit't,* Oil thin point I t'liti rlaiii posit ivo opinions, bused upon oir- oiiiiiHtanoos oroiirrint; iindor my own ol)S(>n'ntion, tind 1 liivo tlio coniliiiu'd i'Xporii'Doo of tlio prot'osKion prevacid otc 30mg will coiitirni iiiycon- t'liisioiiH. t Of my ntMeH, twolvo had lioon iiiovi'd coiisidt'i'iiitic distanooH, and of tlicHo, oif;lit, or ti(l| por font., diod, an Hctfoiili in th«) fulluwiiig tul)l«.<: No. prevacid for sale M. At.. 98 D'm. iVw. 14 Umi. R.- •ull. « L. II. 1. D.

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