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firmed the practice ; but the Moro of the present day, as I understand buy stromectol online it, has in reality only one wife proper, though he may have wives of second rank, who order stromectol are women kept only for cohabitation and reside elsewhere than at the home of his legal wife, stromectol price and this is concubinage rather than polygamy. Chastity among buy cheap ivermectin native women and girls is an easy fitting garment worn mostly for appearance's sake. Sex- ual morality stromectol for scabies is patterned after a different model from our own, following Spanish lines, which re- (juire an assumption of modesty stromectol online without its assets. I'romiscuity is, according to my best information, less common than in Europe and America. Among the Moros, too, there exists a species of slavery, which it has been asserted is of milder form than that stromectol buy which formerly existed in the United States. Under the provisions of our constitution generic stromectol it will in course of time be done away with, for, when stripped of all euphemisms, the institution is as oppressive and as inhuman as any form of slavery that ever existed. The Moros are governed by a code of laws which provides punishments for crimes and misdemeanors, and is more enlightened than would naturally be inferred from appearances. It is sufficient here to say that their laws and customs are similar to those of Mohammedans in other parts of the world. The different Moro tribes are not necessarily on friendly terms with each other, but. on the contrary, there has been, and is still, much enmity between them. The Christian Filipinos, of whom there are stromectol 3 mg about 6,000,000, are mostly, if not entirely, of the Roman Catholic faith. They probably represent the most advanced scabies stromectol type of intellectual development to be ob- served among the natives, but even they have not passed the stage of youth in the process of evolu- tion as compared with the most civilized nations. Their character has been described in detail by other observers, and a mere passing reference thereto is all that is necessary here. They are dominated by the grossest superstitions, profess devout faith in the teachings of their church, and yet, owing to develop- mental immaturity, they have a great many faults buy ivermectin and not many stromectol for lice counterbalancing virtues. Among the lirst are laziness and improvidence, lack of stability :ind loyally : iJicir promises cannot be cheap stromectol relied upon if they think it is to their interest to break them. They are cruel and vindictive, and witness suffering with- out manifestation of sympathy. They are mostly dishonest and untruthful. They lack the higher .rslhetic sentiments of the best human nature, art and pootr\- among tlieni having only a rudimentar\- (Icvclopmont. .Although very fond of pleasure, they ordinarily are not jovial, and seldom laugh except at August 3, igoi.j IIARIEV: NATIVE MEDICAL PRACTICE IN stromectol purchase THE PHILIPPINES. 205 sights which in more altruistic natures would excite pity. For instance, a young FiHpino of more than common intelligence, who was employed in the house in which the writer lived, was in the habit of pour- ing kerosene oil on captured rats, setting it on fire, and allowing the ill-starred creature to make its escape from the trap. It would run frantically a short distance enveloped in flame, make an agonizing struggle, and die. The effect upon the Filipino of this scene was magical. He would be thrown into a paroxysm of joy, capering about and giving vent to uncontrollable peals of laughter. They bear their own misfortunes well and maintain a stoical indif- ference to incidents which to finer natures would ex- cite the liveliest sorrow. Let the native buy cheap stromectol have his nipa hut, his cigarette, his rice, his betel stromectol uk nitt, and a hard bamboo bed to sleep stromectol canada on, and he is contented. On the other hand, the Filipinos are very fond of music, both vocal and instrumental, and they readily iicquire a certain degree of proficiency on the various musical instruments, but their interpretation of musical meaning is limited to an extremely narrow range. Their favorite class of composition includes but order stromectol online little beyond the melodious ballad or popular dance music. The so-called "coon-songs" are im- mensely popular -among them. They possess con- siderable mechanical ingenuity, and, in adapting the bamboo and other natural products to their various uses, they display an aptitude amounting to little less than genius. They are generous with what they have, extremely hospitable to their guests, and their social intercourse is seldom marred by jealousies or quarrelling. The Filipino is fond of home, and generally kind to his children ; at times he will work with all the energy of his nature, but his enthusiasm is usually short-lived and he soon finds an excuse for taking a rest. It is reasonable to look ivermectin stromectol for a marked improve- ment in the course of time among these peoples as a

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