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treatment of consumption, or that it is enough to go for a sea- son, or for several seasons, to a certain climatic health resort, and that the climate itself is able to cure phthisis without the assistance of local doctors. Many valuable lives are lost through this error, even under the most favorable climatic cir- cumstances — lives which might generic synthroid be order synthroid saved under strict medical guidance." And I will add that it is also the duty of our profession to educate the laity to regard pulmonary phthisis as a cura- buy cheap synthroid ble disease, and thus, by inducing a hopeful view of its prognosis, secure their cheerful co-operation for their re- covery whenever any of them or of those in whom they are interested contract that disease and become our patients. In conclusion, I wish to say that I fully appreciate any in- ability to place this matter as I see it before the profession, and that were it otherwise I should enjoy the conviction that I had synthroid cheap contributed somewhat toward a more general recognition of the curability of pulmonary phthisis, as well as to its more successful treatment. * " Medical Record " for January 19, 1889, he. cit. March 30, 1889. LEADING ARTICLES.— MINOR PARAGRAPHS. 353 NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL, A Weekly Review of Medicine. Published by D. Appleton & Co. Edited by Frank P. Foster, M. synthroid online D. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 1889. MR. VICTOR HORSLEY ON RABIES. It purchase synthroid online is with great satisfaction that we have read in the " Brit- ish Medical Journal " a lecture lately delivered by Mr. Victor Horsley before the Epidemiological Society of London, entitled *'0n Rabies: its Treatment by M. Pasteur, and on the Means of Detecting where to buy synthroid it in Suspected Oases." Our satisfaction is founded to some extent upon the fact that the data presented by Mr. Horsley, as well as the conclusions drawn from them, amount to an incontrovertible vindication of M. Pasteur's title to the credit of having robbed the dreadful disease rabies of its ter- rors — an order synthroid online accomplishment that synthroid tablets in this country has been recog- nized by this journal almost alone — but it is founded still more largely on the conviction that Mr. Horsley has amply demon- strated the feasibility of stamping out the disease, and that the day can not be cost of synthroid far distant when governments will system- atically enforce the measures required to bring about this re- sult. It is true that rabies in the human subject is a comparatively rare disease, but in many communities, nevertheless, it recurs from time to time in purchase synthroid what may fairly be called an epidemic form, inflicting a horrible death upon great numbers of human beings. In the buy synthroid year 1885 it destroyed twenty-seven lives in London alone. Before the adoption of the Pasteur treatment it was practically price of synthroid attended with a mortality of a hundred per cent. ; that is to say, all in whom synthroid levothyroxine it actually declared itself perished. Even among those who were bitten by indubitably rabid animals, synthroid cost counting those in whom the disease failed to take place, the average mortality was about fifteen per cent., as Mr. Horsley shows from his own personal observations and from the facts recorded byLeblanc and by Dujai-din-Beaumetz. Now M. Pasteur has reduced the death-rate among precisely this class synthroid buy online of persons synthroid mcg to between one and two per cent. When we call to mind the fact that, prior to M. Pasteur, nobody had ever proposed a plan of treatment worthy of the name, the only attempt made synthroid mg having been, as Mr. Horsley says, to secure euthanasia or some approach to it by empirical dosing with narcotics, thus lowering the over-excitability of the congested reflex centers — when we call this to mind, we can come some- where near an appreciation of the magnitude of Pasteur's achievement. Mr. Horsley justly reproaches his own country with being content thus far to accept M. Pasteur's charity, which has been freely aff'orded to many Englishmen, few of whom have made any return for the treatment received ; he even goes further, saying: " The actual need for treatment ought not to exist synthroid price in Great Britain, and it is a scandal that it does so exist." By this he means that the disease may be radically stamped out by the destruction of all stray and unclaimed dogs and cats, the muz- zling of other dogs, and the employment of stringent measures

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