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result of contact with a more advanced and more honest government. Their control buy trazodone hydrochloride will require a strong arm, fair treatment, and a reasonable tolera- tion of their time-honored customs. Any necessary changes which buy trazodone 50 mg it may be desired to bring about should be accomplished by degrees. A great im- provement has already been observed among the na- tives at trazodone discount coupon Zamboanga, resulting from the object lessons in industry, enterprise, and impartial enforcement of the law set before them by the Americans ; whether this will continue, remains to be seen. The climate is among the most healthful in the tropics. Some parts of the islands are extremely malarious, cheap trazodone no prescription but there are many places which are trazodone cost without insurance al- most entirely free how much does trazodone cost from that noxious influence. The summers and winters vary but slightly in tempera- ture. The nights are almost always cool, and dur- ing the greater part of the year a blanket is needed for comfort. But although it can be truthfully stated that the climate of the Philippines is compara- tively healthful for the tropics, the white man buy trazodone who comes here tcj remain for a period greater than a few months will have to observe certain precautions as to dress, diet, and habits, if he desires to preserve his health. Even with buy trazodone online uk great care, debility and anjemia come sooner or later. The clothing should not only be light but of proper color. For soldiers or others who must be exposed considerably to the direct rays of the sim there is no more serviceable col(jr or material than khaki. According to von Schaemdel, a white man who wears white or light blue clothes in the tropics reflects by such colors the heat rays, but exposes himself to the full force of the chemical rays, and in a relatively short time his health is endangered. {Vide Nezv York Medical Journal, October 27, 1900, page 741.) This is, of course, a theory, but there are certain practical con- siderations which make it plausible. The acclima- tizing fever called by the Dutch "Rothen Hund" — the red dog — from which Europeans suffer in the tropics, is supposed to result from an insufficient pro- tection afforded by light-colored clothes against the penetrating chemical rays. Furthermore, the grada- tions in the amoimt of brown pigment in the skins of races observed from the equator buy trazodone online no prescription northward, indi- cate a natural protective selection against the chemi- cal rays, as the colors correspond to those of the spectrum which not only are not chemically active, generic trazodone hcl but almost, if not quite, neutralize the chemical rays. Whether true or not, it is an attractive theory and well worth investigating. Whether it is best to wear light generic trazodone cost flannel next the skin, or an abdominal band, or both, are questions largely to be settled by the idiosyncrasies of the individual. I have tried both and found them so buy trazodone uk uncomfortable that I pre- ferred the uncertainty of an attack of sickness to the certainty of the discomfort. I think I have derived positive benefit from leaving them off. Others, prone to intestinal buy trazodone sleep disorders or to chilling from slight changes in temperature, would do well to wear very light flannels. The bath is a daily necessity. Many use the shower bath and find it agreeable and hygienic, but generic trazodone online upon some it produces depression. In such in- stances, a sponge bath at 11 a. m. or from 3 to 6 p. m. generic trazodone 50 mg answers every purpose. As to the possibility of the white race, as such, becoming acclimated to buy trazodone hcl the tropics in the unrestrict- ed how much do trazodone cost sense of that term, it is, in my opinion, extremely doubtful. It is a question upon which there is a division of opinion, but the preponderance of evi- dence is opposed to the view that acclimation takes place. Practical, scientific, and historical observa- tions, all tend to deny it. In the most healthful re- gions, where malaria exists in mild form cheap trazodone and can by HARVEY: NAUTE MEDICAL PRACTICE IN THE PHILIPPINES. [N. Y. Med. Jour., care be avoided, a healthy white man, by observing certain precautions, may live to an old age, but his children, if born of a white mother, will be noted for a partial loss of vitality, and the stock will in successive generations deteriorate and, finally, in the majority of cases become extinct; or, if it survives it must be as a new variety of the genus, with a darker skin, smaller stature, and decreased mental and physical vigor. The influence of environment on the human race is fairly well known, and it would appear that no fact is clearer than that sustained resi- dence in either extreme zone of temperature, the tor- rid or frigid, will eventually produce marked and permanent changes in the natives of temperate climates. The presence or absence of malaria has been re- garded as the criterion by which to judge the salu- brity or insalubrity of a climate, but, according to my experience, unaided and continuous moist heat acts as a distinct pathogenic factor, inducing feeble buy trazodone generic digestion and various forms of debility and anaemia. The Philippines are probably as healthful as any

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