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other tropical country, and in the course of time boards of health, by requiring greater cleanliness among the natives and by applying methods now known to Vibramycin Acne sanitary science to limit or prevent the generation and spread of disease-causing organisms or influences, may make it possible for the fair- skinned races to reside in many parts of these islands in comfort for indefinite periods. The diseases to which strangers are liable, and those generally prevalent, are typhoid fever, malarial fevers, diarrhoea, dysentery, dengue, sprue, beri- beri, tuberculosis, anaemia, and cutaneous aflfections. Leprosy is not vmcommon among the natives, to which class it Vibramycin Hyclate is confined, but the writer was in- formed by a member of the Leprosy Commission that the disease did not prevail to the extent usually believed. An island or isolated place is about to be set apart Vibramycin Antibiotics for use as a leper colony. The chief Vibramycin Syrup quar- antine officer for the Philippines, Surgeon Perry, M. H. S., reports officially that he estimates the total number of cases of leprosy in the entire archipelago as 20,000, the greatest number being in Southern Luzon and the southern islands. (Nezv York Medi- cal Journal, March 30, 190 1.) Tuberculosis is very common among the natives, who herd together in small buildings, and who are profoundly ignorant of the nature of the disease and its Buy Vibramycin Online prophylaxis. Sunstroke is seldom seen, but heat exhaustion is frequent. Recovery of the patient in the latter aiifection usually takes place rapidly, so soon as he is Vibramycin Tablets removed from the direct rays of the sun. Filariasis, ankylostomiasis, and animal parasites generally are not more frequently met with in the Philippines than in the United States. I know of no parasite peculiar to these islands. Yellow fever is unknown, bubonic plague has appeared in Manila during the American occupation, but prophylaxis has kept it within narrow limits, though it has not succeeded in stamping it out. Among the natives, small-pox has been at times extremely prevalent and fatal, and many are Vibramycin Mg met who show the scars of for- mer attacks. The Spanish authorities made at- tempts at protective vaccination, but, owing to the imperfect methods used, prevention was only partial. The army Vibramycin Antibiotic medical department has taken the matter in hand vigorously, and vaccination is extensively practised among natives and newcomers alike, with fresh caribao virus and by aseptic methods. It is believed that the disease will be practically stamped out at no distant day. Moulds and smuts abound in infinite variety, at- Vibramycin Suspension tacking articles made of leather especially, but spar- ing nothing affording them Order Vibramycin Online a suitable place for lodg- ment and growth. The ready development of the minute fungi no doubt stands in a causal relation- ship to some of the skin diseases, as well as to some of the systemic affections, observed in these islands. Bacterial life and chemical activity are favored nat- urally by high Order Vibramycin atmospheric temperature and moist- Vibramycin For Acne ure, so that prophylaxis will demand the constant enforcement of sanitary regulations. Contrary, however, to what might have Vibramycin Cost been expected, surgi- cal and accidental wounds heal with great rapidity in this climate in healthy persons, and infection is f)f the rarest occurrence. It may not be uninteresting, before glancing Vibramycin 50mg at some of the medicinal plants of the archipelago, to refer briefly to the indigenous fruit and food pro- ducts commonly used and sold in the markets. Of oranges there are several kinds, none so good as the California variety, but one called pomelo Buy Cheap Vibramycin is of four times the size of the largest European kind. Belonging to the same family, the citron (Citrus medica), a very large lemon with a thick, rugged ' skin, and the shaddock, a 'Malay word (Citrus decu- niana), our grape fruit, grow in various places. Bread fruit (Artocarpus iiicisa. L.). very dry and insipid. Vibramycin Indications Custard apples (Aiioiia), a pulpy berry, of about the size of a plum ; the seeds are Purchase Vibramycin Online poisonous and are used to exterminate destructive insects. The bark is a drastic cathartic. Jack fruit (Artocarpus integrifolia), much esteemed for its sugary pulp, but with a carrion smell. Its seeds are eaten cooked. Lomboy (Calyptranthes jambolana, L.), the fruit of which resembles Generic Vibramycin the damson. Santol (Sandoricum tcniatum). a species of wild strawberry, but very inferior. Chico (Tagalo word), a small round fruit about as large "is a lime, with a pericarp Vibramycin Doxycycline Hyclate of the color of the August 3, igoi.]

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